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A full-spectrum recording faculty / production studio / music library

We Offer a wide variety of services including: Composing, Arranging, Producing, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Keyboard Performance, Live musicians & more. This cutting-edge facility which was designed by master studio builder Pat Woertink, has natural mounted ceder wood, custom made flooring, and special sound absorbing materials to tune the rooms for recording, mixing, and mastering.  Triple-pained windows preserve the surreal mountain and city light views as well as preventing outside noise from creeping in.

Tube Recording , Hardware Equipment & Recording Software

We are a digital audio- analog- tube- midi-based production studio containing state of the art recording & outboard gear along with having many different types of incredible sounding virtual sound libraries, DAW’s,  Midas studio mixing console, Manley, Millennia, Mesa tube pre-amps, an incredible sounding 9′ Concert Grand Piano, UA & Waves emulation software, midi keyboard controllers, analog synths & sound modules, many different recording microphones, Roland top-of-the-line drums, Guitars, Basses, Percussion, & more.  We also have many years of experience working with outboard effects, vocal recording techniques, guitar recording techniques, audio software techniques, drum & percussion recording.


Adept at bringing out the best in artists with respect to cultivating, reflecting and capturing their musical ideas in a studio environment. We are very passionate towards the artist thoughts and ideas on the creation of their tracks and have completed numerous professional high caliber recordings for many talented groups and artists. We can produce in house full band tracks, stripped down piano or guitar accompaniment or anything in between. We are able to create or pull from our sound library many different grooves, sounds & instruments to fit that special style for any songwriters needs. Please keep in mind we also have access to many great musicians who can be brought in to play on your tracks for that certain style the song may require.

Composing & Arranging

We are very proficient at creating a master quality (Radio, Film, TV, Singer/Songwriter,Commercial) recording given a musical idea, script, music style, Visual, Artist direction, Company direction or just starting from scratch.


Here at Diamond Dreams Music we also include Mastering your music for CD duplication. This means along with song order and hot level placement we can add EQ, Tube warmth, stereo imaging, and more to get your two track mixes to sound much better. Sometimes up to 25% better! Give it that extra edge, make the sound of the album really stand out. This is where in-depth experience and specialized mastering tools can make a real difference in your final master.


Raphael De Giorgio (senior producer at Diamond Dreams Music) has been playing and programming keyboards for many years and has toured through many clubs, concert venues, stadiums and churches playing keyboards on the same bill with many well-known pop, rock, jazz, R & B and blues acts. He also has played on many tracks for various different album projects at many of L. A.’s premier recording studios (Record Plant, Conway, Sound City, Skip Sailor, Red Zone, Etc.) and has many years of B3 organ, Piano and Synthesizer performing experience.