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Diamond Dreams Music is a Full-Spectrum-Recording-Production-Mastering Studio that also includes a comprehensive Music Library. We are located in the beautiful Carbon Canyon area of California and Diamond Dreams Music handles a wide variety of projects for TV shows, Films, Solo artists, Songwriters, Bands, Commercials, Corporate videos, Radio, CD’s and much more.

Diamond Dreams Music credits include, but not limited to:

Paramount/ABC-TV, Disney Channel, Provident/Sony Records, Columbia Pictures Television, i films,  truTV, NBC, CBS, UPN, MTV, HBO, WGN, A&E, FOX Sports, ESPN, History Channel, Style Network, Showtime, TBN Network, CARS.TV, E-Channel, Oxygen TV, 168 Films, White Water Films, Justus Films, National Radio, Warner Chappel Music, BMW, Conoco Oil, (76 Gas stations), In-Soul Records, Del Oro Music & Filmworks, Transition Music for TV & Films, Carl’s Jr. Restaurants, Taco Cabana Restaurants, DSM Producers, Smash-Tracks-Film-TV- Music, Kurzweil Music (7 years with Jordan Rudess), Bob Moog, Novation, Roland, AAS Software, Sound Source, It’s your Life Foundation, Enabi Records, School TV, and many more.

Raphael is the senior music producer for Diamond Dreams Music and has had many years experience in professional music production, composition and performance. He is also a accomplished keyboardist who has written and performed songs for several keyboard manufacturers including: Kurzweil, Novation, and Roland.

Raphael has worked with (in many different capacities) musical artists & producers like: Nate Watts, Jeremy Camp, Terry Dexter, Marcus Miller, Ray Parker Jr., Teresa Clark, Nicholas Cole, Jordan Rudess, Kevin Beamish, Moriah Peters, Lynne Fiddmont, Ricky Lawson, Lil’ John” Roberts, Stanley Randolph, Kimberly Cole, Matt Sorum, Phil Wickham, Victor Wooten, Gina Foglio Walden, The Whosoevers, Blake Aaron, Ilya Serov, Karina Nuvo, Laurence Juber, Anna Easteden, Amber Deegen, Darrell Mansfield, Eric Turner, Niki Saletta, Jeff Fenholt, Two or More, Cheri Keaggy, Rodrigo Rodriguez, Munyungo Jackson, Jon Gibson, Annotated, Robert Moog, Gary Garriton, Mika Cole, Andrew Ford, Jaymes Felix, Chuckie Perez, Greg Vail, Eddie Brown, George Freeman, Willie Bradley, Jonathan Dane, Robert Sweet, David Devore, Cheap Trick, The Sunday Threads, Blue Oyster Cult, Heather Henry, Briana Tyson, Ordinary People, Rebecca Crews, Laura Janie, The Rock Church, Pastor Greg Laurie, Pastor Raul Ries, Pastor Jack Hibbs, Rebirth, Shane Ries, David Longoria, Mark St. John, Karrie Gabey, James Orr, Notcho, Laura Janie, Melanie Tolbert, Larry (Big House), Robert Kyle, Craig Bunch, Scarlet Hope, The Kry, Steve Clemmons, Malcolm Turner, Crystal Romero, Natalya Roa, Odette, Cesco, Jim Bovee, One, and many more

For the aforementioned clients, Raphael has written and recorded music in a multitude of genres and styles including:  Rock, Pop, R&B, Modern Country, Soul, Dance, Hip-Hop, Film Scores, Christian rock, Folk, Smooth Jazz, Electronica, Blues, Latin, Classical, and more.

Raphael was recently featured and sponsored by Toontrack Drums and has a new Linkedin profile: (click here for details)

Raphael also has several of his own CD’s, check out “The Pure Joy Project” (click here for details)

So if you are looking for a unique and different approach to your next musical project, (CD production, film soundtracks, album tracks, commercials, Mastering, TV themes, advertising jingles, keyboard tracks, animation music, Film music libraries, voice overs, sound clips, MP3′s, or whatever) do yourself a favor and contact Diamond Dreams Music!